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The Peculiarities of a Descriptive Essay

It is vital to know the basics of its writing when purchasing a descriptive essay. First you should choose the topic, which must be interesting or at least be written in an interesting manner. Then figure out the way to describe a chosen subject and make an outline on paper or in your mind.

The main characteristic of a descriptive essay is its possibility to paint a mental image in the reader’s mind, give him a chance to feel, hear and see what is happening through the written words. There is an approach to writing a descriptive essay which supposes using all five senses. These include touch, taste, smell, sound and sight and help author keeping his or her thoughts straight while describing a subject.

Though the fundamental rule in writing a descriptive essay is to show, but not tell, it has a general essay composition with the introduction including concise thesis, several body paragraphs and conclusion. If the author describes an event, he or she should give the paragraphs a chronological order. Writing about a thing or a place, paragraphs should flow from general to specific.

The introductory paragraph has to set the tone of an essay, highlight the main idea of it and should be followed by a thesis statement.

Each body paragraph is recommended to begin with a topic sentence, which, in its turn, should relate back to the thesis statement and let the reader know what kind of information the paragraph contains. Using of literary tools like similes, personifications, metaphors and metonymies are welcomed.

Descriptive essay conclusion does not have any peculiarities, all the requirements are the same; it should summarize everything written above and restate the thesis of the essay.

It should be pointed out that best method of writing a descriptive essay is to keep a reader in one’s mind. The author has to be sure that every sentence of an essay is descriptive, not confusing, that he or she still is able to feel the subject described being a reader, not an author.

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