How to Write a Successful MBA Essay

Admissions committee usually assigns a topic for an essay. However, if you have an opportunity to choose a topic yourself, you should take this advantage. Try to choose a topic that will allow you to demonstrate your knowledge and personal qualities. Your main task is to show your strengths: leadership qualities, career goals, ability to cope with unforeseen difficulties.
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Quick Guide for Perfect Literature Review

Literature review is different from annotated bibliography, because you need to write a short description of each literary source and analyze each source related to the chosen topic. The student’s task is to compare sources, identify common topics and estimate their usefulness for research.
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Simple Guide for Writing a Definition Essay

First, what is a definition essay? It’s a type of academic writing that implies an extended description of a particular term. You should not only give a definition of a certain term, but show examples of its use, as well as write about the facts associated with this phenomenon or subject. Obviously, this task is not simple. Many special terms require careful study of the subject and specific sources. If you are writing about an abstract concept, you need to apply a creative approach and express your point as clearly as possible, since different readers tend to interpret some terms in completely different ways.
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Sample Essay On Police Brutality

Minority communities in the USA have long been the subject of violence known as police brutality. Inexcusable assaults, shootings and beatings by policemen in law enforcement are an issue to be dealt with.

Police brutality has a long history. In the past, violence against African Americans was used for 5 main purposes.
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Euthanasia Essay: Should It Be Allowed?

Euthanasia, also known as mercy killing, is an act of one person helping to end life of another person to relieve suffering and pain. Euthanasia and assisted suicide have been practised since the times of Ancient Greece. Voluntary death was supported and physicians gave their patients poison if they asked to end their pain. The ancient Greeks supported mercy killing if it was needed for the right reasons. Jewish and Christian thinkers, however, were against suicide and euthanasia, as only God is responsible for giving and taking the life of a man.
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Abortion Essay: For and Against

The issue of abortion has been under the discussion since the old days. Economic, social and religious factors influence the talks about abortion. While developed countries like the USA and the UK have legalized abortion, developing countries still argue about the legalization of this medical activity.

Abortion is the termination of pregnancy. The embryo is removed before it is viable. This is not something we are dealing today, as abortion has a long history. In the then days, it was done with sharpened tools or physical trauma, often harming women’s health and even causing fatal cases. Over the centuries the field of medicine has been advanced. That is why today, abortion is done with the help of medication or surgical procedures.

All around the world, different countries have different policies towards abortion. Taking into consideration social, cultural, economic and religious statuses, the ways people treat abortion differ. There is a number of 70,000 maternal deaths worldwide due to abortion. Usually, fatal incidents happen when abortion is not done under the medical supervision. In the 21st century the number of maternal deaths has declined, owing to education on family planning and the use of contraceptives. Still, the number of unwanted pregnancies is high and society has heated arguments over legalization of abortion.

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Types of Abortion

There are two types of abortion: induced and spontaneous. Induced abortion is the forceful removal of the embryo from the womb of a mother. Depending on the age of the foetus the methods of abortion differ. Up to nine weeks of pregnancy, a woman can take an abortion pill to end the pregnancy. The drugs make the womb contract and shed the lining of the womb. When the foetus is at 13 to 14 weeks, the method of surgical removal can be used. With a help of sterile tube the suction is done. It pulls out the foetus from the uterus. At 14 and 15 weeks, the embryo can be removed with the help of surgical dilation using forceps.

While induced abortion is done intentionally, either as a therapeutic or elective abortion (in other words, either it is needed to prevent health problems or a woman decides herself to do an abortion), a spontaneous abortion is often known as miscarriage. Spontaneous abortion happens unintentionally, often due to chromosomal or uterus abnormalities, different diseases, infections and trauma.

Causes and complications

Many factors cause abortion to be treated like a norm. Economic factors, such as poverty for instance, promote abortion as the way to avoid inability to take care of a child. Some social factors like pursuit of convenience and pleasure also influence the rates of abortion. For instance, a mother who considers a pregnancy as an inconvenience that is not acceptable at a particular stage of her life would accept an abortion. Finally, as the religious dogmas are no longer treated as strict as before, many people regard abortion as an act that has nothing to do with ending the life of a human being.

Young girls end pregnancy if they want to continue their education, and if they want to avoid criticism from society. Women abort if a child is unwanted and it would cause many inconveniences. Many choose abortion to avoid bringing a child to the world of poverty. Not to mention those who want to get rid of a child conceived when rape occurred. The reasons for abortion differ as well as opinions are divided.

Even though, there was advancement in the field of medicine, there is a number of complications caused by abortion. Among the most common are bleeding, pelvic inflammatory disease and pain. Bleeding can occur for a few weeks or turn into excessive bleeding if the uterus was not emptied completely.


In those countries that promote abortion to be legalized, it is done for many advantages it can bring. First of all, legalized abortion decreases the number of maternal deaths due to abortion done without medical supervision. Secondly, abortion helps young women not to ruin their lives and continue their education. Thirdly, abortion can save the lives of women with health problems such as heart disease, hypertension, sickle cell anemia or others. In addition to that, abortion can be of help to prevent the financial situation of a family from becoming worse. Finally, this is the way to get rid of psychological traumas got due to rape incidents.


On the other hand, abortion brings health problems as well as the rise of ethical issues. Ending the pregnancy can lessen the chance of a woman to get pregnant in future. Another thing is that abortion is still seen by many as killing, because the embryo is already a human being. Others believe that abortion promotes irresponsibility, as women and men feel free to commit sexual activities not thinking about the consequences. Finally, abortion can cause guilt and depression, as women can feel truly depressed after they lose their baby.


Abortion is an issue influenced by social, economic and religious factors. Being a controversial problem, it raises arguments among people. Each country chooses the best policy to control this issue, taking into consideration many aspects of lives. Abortion with its advantages and disadvantages can be seemed as a double-edged weapon. Thus, it should be controlled and considered carefully.

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