Quick Guide for Perfect Literature Review

Literature review is different from annotated bibliography, because you need to write a short description of each literary source and analyze each source related to the chosen topic. The student’s task is to compare sources, identify common topics and estimate their usefulness for research.

First you need to draw up a literature review outline. To do this, define a topic that interested for you and select a list of references. We advise you to use the Google Scholar service, which helps search for sources in a huge database. Write what exactly makes this topic interesting for you; describe the essence of your research in general terms.

Searching for sources, you may find out that your topic is too broad. In this case, it makes sense to change the topic, make it narrowly specialized. Keep in mind that the wider your topic, the longer the final result will be. If you think that you cannot cope with this task alone, you should ask our literature review writing service for help. Our experts are always ready to help you. We have permanent access to extended database on any topic. Our writers always take into account your wishes, and they are familiar with all the standards of the universities.

Analysis of Sources

Writing a literature review, make a quick overview of selected articles and books. You don’t need to read each source entirely. Your task is to get the general meaning of a work. Pay attention to first paragraphs and conclusions. Be sure to take notes that you can use later. Note specific data (statistics, terms). Compare the terminology of several sources. This can be used in the introduction of your review of the literature.

Select quotes. You will use quotes in the body part of your paper. In order to do this properly, you need to know how to format a literature review. Different universities have different citation standards. If you are new to this subject, you can use help of our writers. They know all the standards of formatting and quoting.

Writing a literature review, stay focused on the main topic. Make sure that your sources are relevant. You should also pay special attention to the conclusion. It’s important to make sure that your readers understand what conclusions you have come to, and why your research is important.