Essay on Leadership


What is one of the most important keys for success of the business organization? A lot of businessmen agree that it’s a developed supervision. However, there are a lot of companies that don’t pay enough attention to supervisor trainings, and it’s a big mistake. Supervisors provide a constant connection between the top management section and employees. These people can coordinate lower managers and they also have a significant influence on the employees’ behavior, providing motivation and pointing on the common mistakes. It’s hard to overestimate the importance of qualified supervisors in the business company, since they play a key role on the road to success and ensure the proper development on different levels.

Mosley and Pietri (2011) determine leadership as an impact on human behavior in order to achieve the particular goal. Modern businessmen face new challenges and unpredictable obstacles every day, so every manager shall use leader skills and understand all the difficulties of such a mission. Supervisor should always be ready for new tasks, and it doesn’t matter how odd and hard they will be to cope with. Pearce (2003) states that a leader must be ready to get face to face with the obstacles which have never been expected. Leadership skills include not only the motivation ability or knowledge of any necessary technologies. The real leader should be ready for unexpected activities of any kind. Moreover, it’s not enough to correctly estimate his or her abilities, but it’s also necessary to know all the particularities of each employee as well. The main goal of the supervisor is to ensure that everybody in the company fully realize their potential working on the same goals.

How to Help Business Team to Achieve their Potential

In the world of modern business, it’s hard to be on top, since every company faces a lot of competitions at the market. The systems of management tend to improve workforce by developing the better performance within the uncertain and threatening environment. The demand for products of high quality is not the only problem that makes a constant pressure on business organizations. Operation costs grow all the time, and providing effective relation between different spheres of the business becomes harder due to the accountability. That’s the main reason why a particular attention should be paid to the qualitative supervision, which is impossible without the developed leadership skills (Pearce, 2003).

At the beginning of this essay on leadership we defined such a term as an ability to manipulate the staff in order to achieve the main goal. That’s exactly what Mosley & Pietri write about (2011). A real leader must control his or her staff and have a significant influence on them all the time. It shouldn’t take a lot of efforts; on the contrary, it should be done in a natural and simple way. The role of the leadership in any organization depends on the position of the supervisor in the management structure of the entire company. The main function of top managers is planning and organization of all the necessary activities planned by the board of directors (B.O.D). They are in charge of implementing the trading strategies and ensuring the competitive potential of the company among other organizations.

Supervisory leadership must cause a positive impact on the staff of every working sphere, increasing the performance and introducing new technological features. The latter thing is extremely important in the modern business world, since consumers are looking for the most qualitative products, giving new tasks related to the innovation and technological spheres. The leader’s goal is to feel the heartbeat of consumers, ensuring an effective innovation process on every level at the same time (Pearce, 2003). The success of the entire innovation process depends on the ability to focus on main tasks, keeping in mind the consumers’ demands.

  1. Development of Skills for Effective Management

Supervisor must create an internal environment of trust among workers. Such a goal requires a list of developed skills, such as leadership, high ability of problem solving and delegation of responsibilities (Wright, 2009). The efficiency of a supervising management depends on fast and correct decision making, motivation and constant communication. Supervisor must be able to remind and describe the important goals of organization (Pearce, 2003).

  1. Leadership Efficiency

A real leader must be able to increase the moral of the staff, encouraging them in order to get a desired result (Mosley & Pietri, 2011). Any necessary information must be given in time and the way it will be understood and accepted by employees. A leader must be ready to demonstrate necessary actions in practice, as well as to express the beliefs of the company owners (Austin & Hopkins, 2004). Trainings and effective delegation of work improves the performance and builds a trust between employees and supervisor (Mosley & Pietri, 2011).

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