Simple Guide for Writing a Definition Essay

First, what is a definition essay? It’s a type of academic writing that implies an extended description of a particular term. You should not only give a definition of a certain term, but show examples of its use, as well as write about the facts associated with this phenomenon or subject. Obviously, this task is not simple. Many special terms require careful study of the subject and specific sources. If you are writing about an abstract concept, you need to apply a creative approach and express your point as clearly as possible, since different readers tend to interpret some terms in completely different ways.

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Essay Structure

Start with the introduction. Choose the term you want to describe, express the essence of your essay briefly. You should interest the readers to make them want to read further.

Before you begin to write the main part, we advise you to study several resources, such as dictionaries, encyclopedias or scientific works devoted to your subject. Study different ways of interpreting the term, compare them. Find common features in different sources, as well as the differences. Be sure to make notes. You can use them in your work to give the readers the most complete description.

Remember that you shouldn’t just copy definitions from sources. Express your thoughts in your own words. Your goal is to show what meaning you put in this term. To make describing a phenomenon easier, you can also describe its features, origin, etc.

In the final part of your essay, try to draw brief conclusions. At this stage, there is no need to raise new questions and write new arguments. Describe your point as clearly and simply as possible.

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