Censorship Essay Sample

Censorship is used in TV, on the radio, in the newspapers and other media. So what is a censorship and who is a censor? Censorship is aimed at examining books, films, news etc. and suppressing any material that is considered obscene or politically/socially unacceptable. A censor for their part is a person who examines the sources and materials for such obscene parts. Censorship is aimed to prevent the corruption of people’s mind. To my mind, censorship is wrong as it infringes on people’s right for freedom to listen and watch what they want.

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Television is a place where censorship is used in various ways. Mostly, a ‘bleep’ is used to censor some inappropriate words. I strongly disagree with the method. I believe that whatever people say are just words and these words will not harm anyone. If people are offended by some words, they may not listen. Another method used in television is cutting out scenes. A particular scene or scenes that are considered offensive or inappropriate are cut out from a film or television. I think it is wrong, as this changes the whole idea of the movie or TV program. It was intended to have these scenes and now they are cut out. The last method used in television is rating labels. This method is aimed to protect children from harmful information and material. In my opinion, if a show is broadcast on TV, it should be viewable by any person of any age. Especially, taking into account that people will anyway see the majority of bad things censored later in their lives.

Music is another area where censorship plays a significant role. The most common way to censor music is to play the edited version of a song. That is to say, to play a song without bad words. I disagree with this method, as this is not the original variant a song intended to be. The words used in a song should be there, as this is how it was created.

Another method of censorship includes putting parenting labels on CD’s. These labels are intended to protect underage people from hearing harmful words. To my mind, it is unfair to these underage people. Why could they not listen to a song with bad words or themes that are considered unacceptable for their age if all this is part of their life? The government is trying to protect children from things they believe are harmful, but in reality they will face all these things eventually.

The last method used to censor the music is a ‘bleep’ sound. These bleeps are unbearable and annoying. What is more, the song is just ruined with all those bleeps. If people do not want to hear songs with harmful or offensive words, they should buy the music with no bad words from the very beginning.

I believe that censorship is a terrible thing. Putting a blanket over people’s eyes does not protect them from all the bad things that happen in reality.

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